Black Cop? - Kalonji Jama Changa* + Atlanta Community Statement Condemning Kalonji Jama Changa* + NIGEL KORSNICK BROWN FORMERLY KNOWN AS KALONJI JAMA CHANGA* Won't Support His Own Children + NIGEL KORSNICK BROWN FORMERLY KNOWN AS KALONJI JAMA CHANGA* Denies Fatherhood + NIGEL KORSNICK BROWN FORMERLY KNOWN AS KALONJI JAMA CHANGA* The Drug Dealer + Kalonji Jama Changa has 71-old year Beat Down!


Black Cop?: KALONJI JAMA CHANGA | Shafeeq Ali Mujahid

Statment taken from New Black Panther Party News Offical NBPP Statement on the NBPP Summit Disruption on August 8, 2015 caused by Dhoruba Bin-Wahad and Kalonji Jama Changa

Dhoruba Bin-Wahad (left) and Kalonji Jama Changa (right)
Kalonji Jama Changa COWARD & Agent Provocateur

For immediate Release
August 15, 2015
Contact: New Black Panther Party
Phone: 347-903-0886

Ploy backfires in attempt to disrupt the NBPP National Summit

We are saddened and angered, at the mischaracterization of the August 8th, events by an outfit called the New Afrikan Press International, and their attempted victimization of approximately 8 to 10 men with him, who came to shut our National Summit down.

On the anniversary of the martyrdom of Mike Brown and the Ferguson rebellion, and with 30 more unarmed black lives killed since August 9th 2014, this is not the topic we’d like to be speaking on at this moment in time. But since a disturbing document has been brought to light by one of our party attorney’s, it is very necessary to address the erroneous information in a timely manner to dispel the confusion, misunderstandings, cointelpro productions , and rumor mills propagated by some within the black power movement. For full clarity we begin at the founder’s day tribute to the Black Panther Party for Self Defense- Honoring the rise of the East Coast BPP and Black Liberation Army, October 22nd 2010.

The New Black Panther party without doubt, invited Dhourba Bin Wahad to keynote the event and gave him a live webcasted tribute at Phillip Randolph School on 121st street in Harlem, New York. This was a successful organizational effort to pay homage to a man who we felt paid his dues in the struggle and was worth the effort to pay honor to. He was alone with no major security, we sent our members to pick him up and take him where he needed to go all out of respect. The program featured legendary BPP/BLA member Ashanti Alston and Dawn Mcgee with Field Up productions.

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that the same man who we honored, respected, and looked to as an elder in struggle would plot to take sincere brothers and sisters down with a position and plan he called “Operation Shutdown. Our Party Attorney presented us with this information written almost one month before the summit. A document stating a vehement position against the National Summit.

See link:

Followed by a disgruntled commentary by NBPP founder Aaron Michaels who has not been seen with or active with the group since the late nineties, after agreeing to appoint Dr. Khallid Muhammad as National Chairman of the NBPP and later having personal disagreements with him.

We believe the August 8th chain of events were set in motion on July 2nd , 2015, when Kalonji Changa the self-titled “ riot starter”, called into speak with our National Chief Of Staff on the radio broadcast George Jackson University radio to confront him and discuss some previous two year old email communications from July 19th, 2013, concerning the public berating of NBPP member Shaheed Shakur by New York Black Panther Sadiki "Bro.Shep" Ojore Olugbala via a mass chain email Attorney Shabazz ( National Chairman of the organization at that time) took serious offense to.

His request to Bro. Shep was that the communication be, “handled in private”. From there a war of words would ensue between them, although the two brothers were working together for the Million Youth March of that year. Although the words were originally between brother Shep and Attorney Shabazz, Dhoruba Bin- Wahad and others were cc’ed in the mass email and would chime in saying to bro. Shep “I advised you over 5 years ago that you were wasting time trying to work principally with encapsulated groups incapable of transcending their own reactionary roots.( while claiming our roots to be reactionary he quotes our founder in his operation shutdown document) Bin –Wahad added,”“ MZS is an Attorney, radical or revolutionaries who become attorneys usually wage struggle in the courts on behalf of the movement - they don't "lead" the movement in the streets. That would compromise their effectiveness in the courts. Indeed, I would not be free if my attorneys were in jail with me!” This war of words would only get worse as the former National Spokesman Bro. Chawn Kweli and the former National Chief of Staff Hashim Nzinga got involved in the very heated exchange. Later, “Bro. Shep” and Bro. Chawn Kweli would communicate and speak privately concerning their error in handling one another, eventually apologizing and making peace with one another but Dhourba Bin-Wahad refused to respond to any communications seeking redress or understanding.

On July 19th the phone call was made between Kalonji Changa – the riot starter and Chawn Kweli, National Chief of Staff on our national line (which is a recorded line the call placing the all at approximately 40 minutes long.)

Among the things discussed were:

1. The unresolved issues with Dhoruba Bin- Wahad from the 2013 emails

2. The National Summit being considered offensive to an alleged newly formed Atlanta coalition

3. National Chairman Hashim Nzinga not being invited to their Coalition because they don’t work with him in the streets.

4. The mischaracterization of the NBPP by Dhourba Bin Wahad as name hijackers

The call was carried out in a respectful and diplomatic manner, with both men firmly stating their positions. Kalonji Changa was informed that, “ the New black Panther Party has a summit every year, and that’s no disrespect to any coalition that’s formed, but our summit is something separate and will happen regardless to a Coalition”

At the end of it all Kalonji Changa stated, “I don’t see how this summit it expected to go unchallenged”

And “Dhoruba will not sit down with you, as of Thursday (July 16th) the summit will be challenged” He finished by saying, “I wish we could have spoken right after the broadcast ...I want to inform you there is going to be a statement out” to which the reply from the National Chief of Staff was “fine, I’ll talk to Dhoruba, to the Coalition to whoever to see if we can’t resolve this in brotherhood, but I aint kissing no ass.”

“I’m going to make some calls” Kalonji stated.

On August 8th 2015, Operation Shutdown went into full effect. We later learned through one of the NBPP Attorneys that men were organized to show up at our summit, guest were called and told not to attend. Some reported receiving text messages others emails discouraging people from attending our “power belongs to the people” summit with the intent of later causing a nuisance, a disruption, and to harm the success of the event. Operation Shutdown was executed with an advance team coming in early to check the layout, and stage a preemptive disruption during a question and answer period (which was stopped quickly).

The planned targets were Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, Minister Hashim Nzinga, the New Black Panther Party, and supporters. We learned that the goal was to raise a perceived contradiction with Brother Malik Zulu Shabazz, and his role as a revolutionary attorney, grandstand and try to embarrass him, storm the stage and shut the event down. However, the advance team would have to report that the house was packed and spirits high because of the notables there among the many , women, children, and elders were Mukasa Ricks (pioneer of the Black Power Slogan) and his wife, Billionaire CEO Michael V. Roberts , and Student Minister David Muhammad (representing Minister Sharrieff Muhammad). They also witnessed the actions of these men.

The summit had gone peacefully and smoothly with very little disturbance, the afternoon was crisp from a thorough exegesis by Professor Reginald Muhammad on the importance of the reparations movement. Following Professor Muhammad, Baba Mukasa Ricks spoke on the history of the struggle, his times with Dr. Martin Luther King an Kwame Ture’ (Stokley Carmichael ) and the elder shared from his experience steps we could take today to attain freedom.

Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz arrived to give the keynote address entitled “Justice or Else”, to which he gave a powerful defense on the power of black unity, his work within the New Black Panther Party and the upcoming twenty year anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington , D.C.

Just as he was about to wrap up a group of approximately 7 to 10 men marched down the left side of the wall in a tight formation headed straight for the stage. They were subsequently stopped by security from rushing the stage. Unaware of whom these men were right off it was said to them from Hashim Nzinga, National Chairman of the NBPP, “have a seat”, a reply retorted “we ain’t taking no fucking seat.” At this moment Attorney Shabazz, looks to his left and says “who is that?” A quipping response is given of, “who is that?, who is that?, you know who it is nigga!” Attorney Shabazz recognizing the man in the bright orange shirt, sunshades, shorts and doo-rag as Dhourba Bin – Wahad and the man to his side as Kalonji Changa from the local movement from the National Coalition to combat police Terror says “ hey brother how are you?” Bin Wahad replied, “You know why I’m here nigga!” Atty. Shabazz said,” we can deal with that later.” Dhourba Bin- Wahad then replies very combatively, “NO! We’re going to deal with this right motherfucking now nigga.” While simultaneously reaching in his pocket, guest looking on in confusion and others in fear of what could happen, Attorney Shabazz, knowing the NBPP protocol and ninth general order that instructs us to “ Allow no one to commit a nuisance on or near my post “states “ take his ass out of here.” The security then proceeds to ask the men to leave and head to the exit. But instead of peacefully exiting Dhourba Bin Wahad does the unthinkable an throws a punch which lands square on a young Panthers face and a that’s when a fight ensues.

The moment after Dhoruba Bin - Wahad throws his punch, the shocked brother maneuvers underneath the extended arm of Dhourba Bin -Wahads and takes him down to the ground subduing him until he stopped fighting.

We would later learn that as a result of the fall (after the punch) Dhoruba Bin- Wahad would suffer a broken jaw and bruised rib. Some of the other men who came with Dhoruba Bin- Wahad and Kalonji Changa to shut the summit down some would pull their weapons with the intent to use them against the now stunned and angry NBPP members on security fighting to clear this situation out. The men were disarmed in scuffle by New Black Panther security and in self-defense some of their weapons were used on them.

Kalonji Changa – the riot starter walked in with the squad he helped assemble but in the end ran at top speed once the situation got hot and the fight came to him; leaving behind not only Dhoruba -Bin Wahad but all the men he came with. For the record, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. was not in attendance and although involved in multiple communications with Chairman Hashim Nzinga, he did not make the event as scheduled. His picture was left on the final flyer promo due to time constraints on our graphics staff for that we apologize for any confusion; however, he was not mentioned on the final version of our summit presenter’s line-up or program.

Every member of the NBPP was/is shocked and stunned at the events of August 8th, 2015 and none of us are happy about it.

All you could hear the young soldiers saying after the fact was,” damn man why couldn’t that have been the racist pig? why couldn’t that have been the racist Whiteman?, why did it have to be him?”

Honestly, some of the younger brothers and sisters had to be told who he was, all they knew was that a group of men came in and tried to strong arm a summit they worked hard to produce. None of us gloated about it; none of us tweeted or typed about it. We are hurt, that someone we loved and respected would do us like that. We were not going to even say anything, hoping that these men involved would come before the people and be honest. Knowing that the events are all on video and audio, calls on recorded lines, and emails saved we hoped they would not lie about the facts of the chaos they planned and not face the exposure they know is coming- of course, they did not.

This terrible situation was very close to being another Audubon ballroom in our history, a day that we will never forget. The screaming faces of little black babies in that room we can never forget. The Fruit of Islam having to protect the MGT because of Dhoruba and Kalonji’s foolishness we will never forget. Mukasa Ricks having to ball up his fist and fight to protect his wife we will never forget. We apologize to the Black Family, our sisters, our invited guest, the children, the elders, the NBPP who looked up to this original Black Panther for guidance, and all involved for their selfish actions.

We apologize to all who could have been severely hurt by their plan and deeds. However, we will never apologize for protecting our group, its members, our invited guest, their children, elders or the innocent no matter who you are at any time. We hate the fact that grown men have not learned how to be respectfully disagreeable. We believe a people’s tribunal should be held by respected veteran elders for the actions of these men and in specific the cowardly abandonment by Kalonji Changa, who helped to lead those men into that venue August 8th2015, and ran after having plenty of opportunity to expose the plot and bring peace to the situation .

The video of the initial combative demeanor of Dhourba Bin Wahad can be viewed here :

We have more video/audio exposing this ploy forthcoming....